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Our Staff

Nursery 6-12 Months
Mandy Moon Nursery teacher.jpg

Hello – I am Amanda (Mrs. Mandy) Moon and it is my joy and blessing to be the teacher here at Parkwood Preschool.  I have attended 

church at Parkwood since 

childhood.  The Lord has always given me a love for babies.  From October 2000- March 2020 I worked at First Baptist Child Care Center.  Now the Lord has brought me to Parkwood Preschool and I can’t wait to see what He has in store!

Toddles 12-17 Months
Allison Hall Toddler Teacher.jpg

My name is Allison Hall.  I am the teacher in the 12-17 month old class.  I enjoy working at Parkwood and it  is a joy for me to share the love of Christ with these 

little ones that you have entrusted with me.  Watching our children develop, learn and grow with each other is rewarding, but most importantly it is a privilege to have he opportunity to teach them more about Jesus every day

18-24 Month Class
Debra Long 18-24 month teacher.jpg

Debra Long – I have been married almost 48 years. We have raised 4 boys and we now have 3 grandchildren.  I have had many jobs in my lifetime, 

none so enriching as raising my family and providing child care for many.  I have lived in NC most of my life.  Nash County is my home.  I love the Lord with all my heart and I am so blessed beyond measure..

2 Year Old Staff
Angelia Terrell 2 yr old teacher.jpg

My name is Angelia Terrell.  I am a 5 day 2 year old teacher at Parkwood Baptist Preschool.  I love teaching the little ones their ABC’s, 123’s, songs and poems, but most 

of all I love teaching them about Jesus and His love for us.  Thank  you for sharing your precious children with me and letting me love on them. 

Laura Winstead 2 yr. old teacher.jpg

Hello! My name is Laura         Winstead.  I am a 2 year old  teacher here at Parkwood      Preschool.  I adore teaching your little ones about God      and His wonderful creations

I pray that I can continue being His light in the world.

2 Year Old Staff
Amber Bell 2 yr old assistant.jpg

Hello – my name is Amber Bell and I have the privilege of being Mrs. Angelia’s 2 year old assistant.  I love being a part of Parkwood Preschool and teaching 

children about the love of Jesus.  Thank you fot allowing me to help teach and love on your precious children each day!Hello! 

3 Year Old Staff
Gray Rackley 3 yr old teacher - Computer & Librarian.jpg

My name is Gray Rackley, I teach one of the 3 year old classes.  I also run the Library and computer lab.  I  enjoy working with kids.  I taught at Bailey

Elementary School for 5 years, where I taught the technology class for Kindergarten through fifth grade.  I’ve have been a stay at home mom as well.  When my kids started grade school I went back to work.  I started here teaching Kindergarten.  I still work with Kindergarten each day, just in a different way.  I enjoy teaching kids their ABCs and 123s, but most importantly, I get the opportunity to teach them about Jesus.

Olivia Whichard 3 yr. old teacher.jpg

My name is Olivia Whichard and I am a 3 year old teacher and have been with Parkwood preschool for 2  years. I love working here and teaching the children

about our numbers and letters but most of all about Jesus and all of his love for us. Thank you for sharing your sweet babies with me!

Vicky Stamper 3 yr. old teacher.jpg

My name is Vicky Stamper.  I’m one of the 3 year old teachers.  I have taught

children in church and Christian schools for many years.  For ten years, I was 

 the Children’s Ministry Director in church.  It is a joy to teach children!  And, I am so thankful that I am able to teach them about God’s love.

Fonda Richardson 3 yr. teacher.jpg

I’m Fonda Richardson and have been with Parkwood Preschool for 4 years.  I have my Masters Degree in Business Administration.  I’m passionate about

teaching and helping my little ones to learn and love the Lord.  I have 2 children and love working in ministries in my church

Pre-K Staff
Saprina Ingram PreK Teacher.jpg

My name is Saprina Ingram and I’m a five day Pre-K teacher.  I love teaching at Parkwood Preschool.  Parkwood is a wonderful place for children to learn 

about Jesus, their ABC’s and 123’s.  All four of my children attended Parkwood and I couldn’t have imagined them attending any other preschool.

Patty Radford PreK 4 Teacher.jpg

My name is Patty Radford and I have the privilege to teach Pre-K.  I love helping the little ones learn and prepare for the next step which is Kindergarten.   

I am thankful I can also teach the little ones about our sweet Jesus and how he loves us.  The children are like little sponges and they soak up everything we are teaching.  I “thank you!” for choosing to share your child with me!

Vicki Daughtridge PreK4 Teacher.jpg

As a three day Pre-K teacher of precious little ones, I am Mrs. Vicki Daughtridge blessed with a daughter and two sons.  God has allowed me to be 

here since we began.  I love teaching the ABEKA curriculum.  We discover vowels, consonants and blends.   I love teaching Bible stories and helping children memorize Bible verses.

Kindergarten Staff
Renee Harding Kindergarten teacher.jpg

My name is Renee Harding and I am one of the kindergarten teachers at Parkwood Preschool.  I am a retired teacher from Edgecombe County 

Schools where I taught kindergarten and first grade for 29 years.  Teaching young children is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone can have.  I love teaching here at Parkwood because not only do I get to teach academics, but I also get to teach about our Lord Jesus Christ!

Other Staff
Debbie Bobbitt Assistant.jpg

My name is Debbie Bobbitt.  I am a teacher’s assistant.  I love working at Parkwood Preschool.  It is a joy watching children grow and learn at Parkwood.

I enjoy sharing the love of Jesus with the children and seeing their smiling faces every day.  Jesus has blessed me with this joy and I really enjoy it!

Sandra Poulin Assistant.jpg

Hi. My name is Sandra Poulin.  I have been with PBP since 2001. I love working at PBP and I love to get hugs from all the children.

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